Jolanda’s post-workout meal by TeganTG on DeviantArt

By | 2 August, 2022

Jolanda invited me over and said she would give herself a “small” present. She says she needs to consume a certain amount of calories while exercising, but she doesn’t really exercise like her old athletic self, she just does a few push-ups and sit-ups. He was also supposed to do an hour of cardio but only managed 2 minutes! He just finds it too difficult to load his huge abs onto a StairMaster (the treadmill has been out of the question for months).

And wow, that’s a lot of belly, I mean pizza. I wonder how many slices are left before it bursts. Oops, I don’t think she can stand up on her own at the moment, I have to help her.


I think you realize that you may need to review your eating and exercise plans. Keep encouraging them to work on their weight situation.



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